Clean & Disinfection of Water Services

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It is important to ensure that high standards of water hygiene are maintained to any installation and controlling levels of dangerous waterborne bacteria, including Pseudomonas and Legionella bacteria, which causes the potentially fatal condition Legionnaires’ disease, is an essential.

Systems that are poorly maintained will allow the potential for them to become colonised with bacteria increasing the risk to end users. Importantly, such conditions can also create ideal environments for the growth and proliferation of dangerous waterborne pathogens such as Legionella. This can therefore significantly impact on your business as you may be breaking the law, exposing you and your business to potential legal action or civil prosecution.

Water Services Cleaning and Disinfection

Our teams of highly trained water treatment technicians have a wealth of experience in conducting system disinfections and are all independently trained to ensure consistency in the delivery of these works. It should be recognised that the chlorination of system down services is both time consuming and introduces a risk to occupants and end users from exposure to treated water (while the process is begin competed).

Efficiency of the cleaning process also depends on the selected chemical used and the exposure time of the dosed water to the system. It is therefore important for clients to receive the best advice from service providers with regards to the impacts of such activities and the precautions required to manage such risks. GENEX have detailed experience in delivering such works and ensuring that the works are conducted in the most safety conscious method and to the most cost effective and efficient process.In some situations, temperature control of water systems may be difficult to achieve, or problems with water quality may need specialist treatment.

The treatment solution you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the nature of your water system, the water processes involved, and the outcome you’re aiming to achieve.

Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

Cold Water storage tanks are a point in any system where the condition of the water can deteriorate very quickly if not suitable managed. Regular inspections should be conducted to ensure the acceptability of the stored water and when used for drinking water we would recommend six monthly bacterial samples are taken to ensure continued potable quality.

Where conditions dictate cleaning of the tank may be required. Our team of engineers who are all confined space trained have a wealth of experience in cleaning such systems and as part of our environmental drive we have the ability to use hydrogen peroxide as a oxidising agent which breaks down to oxygen and water and leave no long term environmentally damaging by-products.

Cooling Tower Clean and Disinfection

In addition to our water chlorination, disinfection and water tank cleaning services we also offer a full range of expert cooling tower cleaning, disinfection, water treatment utilising either full pack removal methods or in situ cleans accompanied by high resolution endoscopic inspections of packing and drifts. We are able to provide these services all types and sizes of cooling tower installations.

Cold Water Storage Tank Refurbishment and Replacement

As a result of our detailed understanding of both water services and legionella control we have developed a robust water tank relining and repairs service which encompasses over 20 years of experience. We recognise the needs for both repair of replacement and the ability to apply these services to each bespoke application, thereby ensure the clients receives the most economic and sustainable solution to problems identified.

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