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Are you aware of the health risks associated with Legionella – and your legal duties?

Legionella awareness is a key requirement of current health and safety legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. If you’re an employer, landlord or in charge of a premises, it’s your responsibility to identify and manage any risks associated with Legionnaire’s disease, and protect employees and the public from harm.

What is Legionella and Legionnaire’s disease?

Low numbers of Legionella bacteria are often found in natural water sources including rivers, lakes, streams and reservoirs. The bacteria can also inhabit purpose-built hot and cold water systems including swimming pools and spas, as well as industrial infrastructure such as cooling towers and evaporative condensers. Legionella numbers can grow to dangerous levels in these types of settings, and pose a significant risk to human health. The bacteria thrives in stagnant water at temperatures between 20-45°C, nourished by nutrients from things like rust, scale, sediment and algae.

Legionnaire’s disease is caused by Legionella bacteria and is spread when people inhale contaminated water droplets. It is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, particularly for people aged 45+ and those with existing health conditions.

We’re here to help

Knowing how to control and manage Legionella risk effectively and maintain compliance can be a complex process, which is why relevant, up-to-date training is essential for both management teams and site operatives. We provide bespoke training packages tailored to current legislation and your unique needs as an organisation. Delivered at your preferred location or at our dedicated training centre in Harrogate.

Benefit from our expertise

As independent specialists working across a full range of sectors, our experienced water management engineers guide, advise and implement across all aspects of water management, helping to safeguard water quality in commercial and industrial buildings.

Our bespoke training packages are designed to share our practical know-how and experience with your team in a way that’s relevant to your business, including technical and non-technical training packages for all levels of experience. Ensuring that Legionella awareness and an understanding of the legal requirements involved runs throughout your entire organisation.

All our water management services, including our bespoke training packages, are registered and approved by the Legionella Control Association, so you’ll have complete peace of mind that together, we’re effectively protecting the wellbeing of the people both inside and outside your business.

  • Understand Legionella risks and how to control them
  • Maintain regulatory and legislative compliance including HSE Approved Code of Practice L8
  • Empower your team with practical, skills-based know-how and competences
  • Benefit from our expertise as water management specialists

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