Environmental Policy

GENEX is committed to obtaining leadership in its business of Energy, Environmental and Water Management consultancy services. In accordance with this aim we strive to reduce our environmental impact in order to protect the environment and prevent pollution. Thus our activities are covered by an environmental management system aligned with the requirements of ISO 14001.

We will fulfil these commitments by:
• Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, and any other requirements to which we subscribe;
• Providing environmental and sustainability advice through our consultancy services;
• Endeavouring to continually improve our environmental performance;
• Establish and review environmental objectives and targets based upon this policy;
• Provide training, support and encouragement to employees to ensure the effective implementation of environmental improvement strategies;
• Communicating our environmental policy internally and externally.

In particular we will:
• Use energy and utilities in a responsible and economic way to minimise negative impacts on the environment;
• Adopt progressive strategies to minimise the environmental impacts of business travel;
• Purchasing sustainable products and services wherever viable;
• Proactively manage our waste according to our duty of care and striving to utilise sustainable disposal techniques;
• Keep emissions to air and water to the lowest practicable level;
• Provide information and assistance to all customers to ensure that they are aware of our commitment to the environment.


Managing Director, GENEX

Issue Date: 16/02/2022
Review Date: 01/03/2023

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