Closed Circuit Water Management and Treatment

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Are your heating and cooling systems working as they should be?

Controlling and managing water chemistry and conditions is an essential part of maintaining and operating closed circuit heating and cooling systems safely and efficiently. Without the right water treatment, your systems are at increased risk from biofouling (bacteria and slime), corrosion and scale. All three will affect the performance of your system, and could lead to major failures and expensive repairs.

How can you mitigate the risks?

Regular testing and monitoring is vital to spot any deterioration in water quality, so early intervention control measures can be implemented quickly, before any damage is caused.

Water management and treatment techniques for closed circuit heating and cooling systems can include chemical water treatments, pre-treatment of fill water, removal of dissolved gases, pH management, solids removal and filtration, galvanic anode cathodic protection/electrochemistry, and bacteria and biofouling inhibition by biocides.

We’re here to help

As independent specialists, our experienced team of water engineers and service technicians can provide and deliver a bespoke management and treatment solution tailored to your specific needs. We’re also here to advise you on every aspect of water treatment and management, from how it works, to optimising your current operations and maintenance strategy.

Analysis and treatment

Working to current BRISIA and BG50 2021 guidance, we can help you gain complete control of your heating and cooling systems and processes with a planned programme of water quality analysis, with chemical and bacterial testing and evaluation carried out at our UKAS accredited laboratories.

If measures are needed to mitigate the risk from problems such as biofouling, corrosion and scale, we can prescribe and deliver the most appropriate water management and treatment strategy for your site, including chemical water treatments, biocide dosing, and scale and corrosion inhibitors.

Any treatment is only as effective as the services and chemicals supplied. We have a wealth of experience in this field and can ensure you adopt the most effective control strategies, maximising the efficiency of your plant and the life-expectancy of your systems.

  • Improve efficiency and reduce your energy use
  • Extend the life of your systems
  • Lower your maintenance costs
  • Ensure health and safety
  • Meet regulatory compliance

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