Genex celebrates its team during National Customer Service Week

Posted: 30.09.2022

Genex is celebrating its amazing team this week as it marks National Customer Service Week, which raises awareness

of the vital role excellent service plays in helping grow the UK economy.

Every day this week Genex will be looking at how members of the team have helped clients by going above and beyond – ensuring they are happy with every aspect of the service they receive.  Highlights from the past year will be shared on Linked in and Twitter, ensuring the teams get the recognition they deserve, not just from Genex and its clients, but also from the wider public and colleagues.

The week, organised by The Institute of Customer Service, looks at a different aspect of service every day.

Monday scrutinises the balance between being human and using technology to improve the overall experience for the customer, sand takes a deep dive into the impact of artificial intelligence on the customer journey.

Tuesday looks at respect and celebrates a change in legislation aimed at protecting customer-facing workers from hostility and abuse.

Wednesday examines customer service as a profession, not a ‘nice to have add-on.’

Thursday focuses on how good practice must come from the top and the importance of leadership in ensuring a company has good customer service.

And Friday celebrates those team members who have made a significant positive impact on their customers. But the Genex campaign will be singing the praises of its team every day – not just on Friday!

Genex MD Carl Cressey said: “Customer service doesn’t begin and end at the ‘official’; customer service desk. It applies to every member of our team – the service engineers at the coalface, the bid managers, the sales team and those in recruitment. Any company is only as good as its worst team member. I’m sure we all remember going to a hotel and being greeted by a surly cleaner, for example. It doesn’t leave a good impression. The receptionist could be the most polite and helpful person in the world, but the brush off received from someone else on the payroll leaves a lasting bad taste. The reverse is also true of course.

“We have built an incredible team and an amazing business which prides itself on, as well as its expertise in water and energy compliance, the relationship with its customers. Throughout the week we’ll be sharing what some of our customers love about us and our colleagues to emphasise just how important this so called ‘nicety’ is in growing a business and boosting the wider economy.”

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