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Legionella Risk Assessment & Water Treatment

> Water Hygiene/Legionella Control Management

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act and COSHH regulations as an employer, you are legally required to protect your employees and the general public from harm.

As part of this regulation, all employers have an obligation to effectively control and manage any risks associated with Legionnaires’ disease.

Effective water management requires an effective team behind you

Here at GENEX we have a dedicated team of water management engineers who specialise in the management of water quality in commercial and industrial buildings.

All of our services are registered and approved by the Legionella Control Association so you’ll have complete peace of mind that together, we’re effectively protecting the wellbeing of the people both inside and outside your business.

All aspects of Water Management from a company you trust

We can guide, advise and implement across all aspects of Water Management including:

Risk Assessments and Audits

In accordance with HSE Approved Code of Practice (L8 and HSG 274), highly experienced GENEX engineers can conduct a comprehensive risk assessment on your water systems to identify areas of foreseeable proliferation, evaluate risk and put a control strategy in place to prevent against exposure.

We believe that this proactive approach to Water Management is not only essential to protecting health, but also gives your clients absolute confidence that safety is of the utmost importance to your organisation.

Control and Management

An effective control and management scheme is essential to safeguard against risk in any type of property, from complex industrial sites to offices.

Our Service Technicians and Engineers have the knowledge and experience to put in place a bespoke control scheme for any size of portfolio in any location, which is compliant with current legal recommendation.

Activity is recorded and monitored by our WebServe system, which allows both our engineers and clients ‘real time’ access to all parameters, allowing an up-to-the minute view and generate non-conformance reports in an instant. The system also puts control in your hands by allowing you to remotely access all data, monitor our site activities and receive a transparent and open account of work in progress.

Audit and Validation of Service Provision

The quality of service and standards delivered by any contractor that you engage is vitally important within the water management industry, predominantly because responsibility to protect against risk rests with you and cannot be delegated to the contractor.

GENEX gives you complete reassurance by providing an independent audit and verification service, conducted by a fully qualified engineer. All assessments include all of the necessary checks and measures to identify any shortfalls in provision and give you the confidence that your contractors are operating in full compliance with relevant Water Management legislation. Any gaps in service provision are immediately identified and brought to the client’s attention in a bespoke report.


We believe that the old adage ‘knowledge is power’ is probably truer today than ever before. Awareness of Legionella and the risks it poses, for example, isn’t just business critical, it’s a legal requirement.

We can design and deliver a bespoke training schedule for your company, either in a location of your choosing or from our training centre in Harrogate, to ensure that awareness and an understanding of legal requirements runs throughout your infrastructure.

System Modifications and Clean & Chlorinations

Once a site analysis has been conducted by our team, we can action any remedial work required on the installed services to return your water processes back to acceptable condition. All of this is handled by accredited GENEX personnel to ensure optimum quality with minimum disruption.

Closed Circuit Analysis and Treatment

With our help, you can gain complete control of your boiler and chilled water treatment processes with programmed and planned water quality analysis. Any treatment to these systems is only as effective as the services and chemicals supplied. GENEX have a wealth of experience in this field and are able to ensure the most effective control strategies are adopted, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency of your plant and increasing life-expectancy of all systems.

Swimming Pool and Spa Water Management

Our team includes ISRM trained personnel, who can provide reliable advice on the management and quality control in any sized swimming pool or spa environment and can tailor a service visit schedule that fits best around you.

Water Treatment and Bacterial Control

In some situations, temperature control of water services may be difficult to achieve or, problems in water quality may require specialist treatment.

GENEX have many years of experience in designing and managing a host of specialist solutions, including chloride dioxide, silver and copper ions and ultra-violet light. We can provide the right expertise and impartial advice on the best system to meet your needs and challenges.

Laboratory Analysis

We operate a UKAS accredited laboratory service and can provide you with full analysis and biological/chemical testing covering a wide range of health threats – all provided in strict compliance with the UKAS certificate and relevant BS testing procedures.

Legionella Code of Conduct and Certificate of Registration

The Control of Legionella - A Code of Conduct for Service Providers

Legionella Control Association - Certificate of Registration

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