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Carbon Reduction Commitment

> Carbon Reduction Commitment

The Government’s CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Energy Efficiency Scheme affects many UK companies (with one or more electricity metres settled on the half hourly market) in the private and public sector, regardless of size. The level of participation that applies to your organisation depends on a number of factors all of which GENEX can advise you on in detail.

How can we help you when it comes to CRC registration?

  • We can provide industry leading, tailored advice specifically geared to your organisation and will work closely with you to:
  • Asses your UK structure and establish if you qualify for CRC and identify what level of participation is required
  • Ensure all of your emissions are captured for your footprint and annual report
  • Monitor your carbon emissions throughout the year
  • Collect and record all emissions data into an evidence pack
  • Prepare an annual emissions forecast covering electricity, gas and fuels used on your sites
  • Plan your carbon emission reduction programme
  • Provide practical support to help you achieve early action metrics through AMR and energy standards
  • Help you to meet all required levels of compliance to avoid unnecessary penalties
  • Organise, report and procure carbon credits

If you’re not sure if, or to what level CRC requirements apply to your organisation, please contact the GENEX team today on 01423 816220 or email

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