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BREEAM is a credit-based design and assessment method and rating system for sustainable buildings.

Successfully completing a BREEAM assessment means that your development has met a benchmark standard for best practice in sustainable building design and that your development is designed and constructed to a standard which far exceeds current Building Regulations.

What would BREEAM certification specifically mean for your development?

A BREEAM certification provides documented and traceable proof that your design teams have considered the full scope of environmental and social impacts of your development and have put measures in place to mitigate against these impacts, improving the experience of future residents and occupants as well as reducing negative environmental effects, ensuring long-term sustainability.

How is BREEAM assessed?

BREEAM assesses your building against a series of credits which provide an overall score, and this is used to generate a sustainability performance rating for your development that ranges from ‘Pass’ to ‘Outstanding’.

What areas are assessed?

  • Management – Overall policy and procedures
  • Health & Wellbeing – Internal environmental issues, including internal air quality, thermal comfort and acoustics
  • Energy – Operational energy consumption, CO2 emissions and energy efficiency
  • Transport – Sustainable transport options and accessibility to local amenities
  • Water – Water consumption, monitoring and leak detection
  • Materials – Environmental implications of material selection and long-term durability
  • Waste – Waste management issues through construction to building occuption
  • Land Use and Ecology – Greenfield and brownfield site selection and ecological enhancement of the site
  • Pollution – Air, water, light and noise pollution issues

How can GENEX help with BREEAM assessment?

We have a number of fully qualified and licenced BREEAM assessors on the GENEX team. Between them, they cover all areas of BREEAM schemes and can undertake assessments anywhere in the world and on any size and complexity of development.

Our assessors are here to provide ‘plain English’ guidance through all stages of BREEAM assessment and complete all work necessary to facilitate successful completion including:

  • Identifying the right scheme for your development
  • Officially registering the assessment
  • Talking your Design Team through requirements and supporting them through the entire process
  • Conducting pre-assessment meetings and ensuring regular reporting
  • Providing helpful, straight-forward advice to help you maximise the BREEAM rating
  • Liaising with BRE on any queries you have throughout the process
  • Working closely with the individuals on your design team
  • Accurately collating information
  • Assessing the design, specification and final installation
  • Undertaking the formal assessment and calculating your score and rating
  • Generating the final assessment report required to enable certification

For a one-to-one discussion about what BREEAM means to your development and to find out more about how we can help, please contact the GENEX team today on 01423 816220 or email

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