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> Dawn of Sustainability

GENEX are working alongside 6 other partner organisations from Iceland and Denmark on the project “Dawn of Sustainability”. This project is to develop a training package for Icelandic architects, environmental designers and construction industry workers to enhance sustainable development throughout the design and building industry of Iceland.

Genex - Dawn of Sustainability

The aim of the project is to collaborate and exchange best practice in sustainable architecture and planning by transferring knowledge from Denmark and the UK and adapt to Icelandic needs. GENEX are providing an expert insight on sustainable design and practices undertaken in the UK, and how the UK industry is embedding and enhancing sustainable development. This includes expert knowledge on the developments and implications of such mechanisms as BREEAM Assessments and best sustainable design practices.

The project will generate syllabuses, handouts, teaching slides, and extensive handbooks in Icelandic and English on sustainable development for use. The training packages include 4 main sections:

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Development,
  2. Geographical and Weather influences,
  3. Daylight and sustainable lighting, and
  4. Sustainable Building Materials.

GENEX have attended meetings, conferences and given presentations in both Reykjavik and Copenhagen. We are working closely with our projects international partners, including the Association of Icelandic Architects, IDAN Vocational and Education training Centre, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Architects Association of Denmark, and the Danish Building Research institute.

The project is being supported by the Leonardo da Vinci office of the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme.

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